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There should be a code word for “help me” for the people too scared to ask for help when they really need it.

Because I kind of need help right now. I get it though, I’M ON MY OWN AGAIN YET AGAIN. Why am I doing this? :(

02.29.12 ♥ 2

I get it.

If you no longer care about me, I will no longer care about myself. Free fall. Don’t bother to catch me, you all. Goodbye.

11.28.11 ♥ 5

The hardest part of needing help is

asking for help. The second hardest part is getting someone to take you seriously.

10.23.11 ♥ 6

This has gone too far///

He is mad at me again for things I didn’t do. He is not answering his phone. He never replied to that text. That’s it. I am fucking pissed. I need a friend now. I don’t care how fucking needy or dependent it sounds, but I do. HELP ME PLEASE. I KNOW I’M GOING TO DO SOMETHING STUPID AND FULL OF REGRET. SO SO-CALLED FRIENDS, PLEASE BE THERE NOW. I NEED YOU. :(

09.16.11 ♥ 2

"Tell me it’s okay."

I want to escape the yells in my head and demons surrounding me. More importantly, I want you to hold me tightly as I collapsed my head into your chest and you to tell me that it will be alright some day in time. But I’m trying to be strong and here I go, running again. Running away from everyone and everywhere except myself.

09.04.11 ♥ 19